"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
                                                   - Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790

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Warren Buffett's Lesson for Financial Literacy Month

Warren Buffett, considered by those-who-know to be one of the most successful long-term investor in the stock market, at the age of 88 and still Chairman and CEO of his company Berkshire Hathaway, just celebrated a $22 Billion profit. Just to put into perspective how highly valued his company is, one Class A share of Berkshire Hathaway was $327,765.63 at close of market on Friday, May 3, 2019. What lessons can we learn from him during Financial Literacy month?
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Was Lyft's take-off sabotaged?

As a mother of three and Financial Advisor who wants to add to the ranks of the young and financially astute, I have to look for creative ways to engage conversation about finance. Lyft's recent IPO (Initial Public Offering - answer to my recent quiz) gave me a topic with a name they know. I gave them something to ponder and was surprised by their answers. Read on and see what you would think.
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Checks and Balances

The Dow Jones rose almost 550 points the day after the mid-terms. I would say the market likes a system with checks and balances, not a one-party rule. This is the market’s version of a sigh of relief. What is the status of your finances' checks and balances?
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Time to Pivot

Remember when your parents thought you were ready for your training wheels to come off? That was a vote of confidence in that ‘you got this’! We're just entering the final quarter of the year and it's going to be more important than ever to lend your ear to the good news because bad news sells more.
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Keeping your eye on the prize

What is your short term and long term plan? How are you making use of your talents and the fruits of your labor? Reactionary fears to current life events can distract us from our long term vision for ourselves and block crafting a legacy we want to leave behind.
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529 Plans - Mythbusters!

529 College Savings Plans What if my kid doesn't want to go to college? Or, won't that money count against us and my kid won't get financial aid for going to school? What if they get a scholarship, won't it be wasted? What I've found is that often procrastination can be a sweetly deceptive game we can play with ourselves on why we may want to put off saving. I have some great ideas on how to even get loved ones to chip in.
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Are You Ready Player One?

We just made it through our annual tax return season. What did you learn from it? What can you do to be more proactive and in even better shape next year? The new tax code is here and goes into effect for our next year's tax filing. Please watch my video where I share my thoughts on this and let's get planning! PS: Since the recording of this video, the IRS has announced the increase of the Family Contribution limit for Health Savings Accounts to $6,900.
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Are You Ready for the Social Security Income Stretch?

In order to be able to resist turning on Social Security Income until it has achieved its maximum value for you at age 70, you have to have primed yourself financially for the Social Security Income stretch. Implementing wealth management strategies now will leave in good position to turn on your benefit when it is most advantageous to your situation, not out of financial duress. The popular route is not always the best choice or in your best interest as this story will tell.
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Tax Savings Savvy - Financial Confidence

Tax time is the big reveal on who has been growing their skills to accumulate wealth with a tax sensitive strategy and who has not. April 15th is when many will try to max out their IRA contribution limit for that just-in-time tax deduction. That’s a first step strategy that many learn, like learning how to swim. However, many stop right there when they can be growing through stretch goals which take them beyond what they have already learned.
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