Strategic Planning For Consequences

Because this happened... these were the consequences...


Life can throw curve balls.  The totally unexpected can happen and derail our most carefully laid plans.  

Strategic Planning for Consequences makes us stop and think, if the unexpected were to happen, what are the likely consequential impacts on those closest to me, most closely tied to the success of my carefully laid plans?  What strategic planning can I do to reduce the impact of those consequences? 

We will have a goal-based planning discussion centered around what you are aiming to protect and what you are trying to ensure.  Even your own goals for you as an individual can have protection put in place. 

Example:  I want to have the liberty to age in place, bring the caregivers to me in my own abode as I need it.  

There are solutions for ensuring your goal is achieved.  Click the scheduling button and let's begin the conversation.


Curious about going rates for premiums before we meet?

You can use this calculator tool to get a ballpark estimate of cost.  I enjoy the service of UMS (Underwriters Marketing Service) because they quote across carriers searching for the best possible solution for your situation while comparing the most favorable premium for you.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Our planning will include my explaining the differences between policy types, answering your questions directly so you end up with the policy you intended.  Let's begin strategic planning.




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