How Can I Help You?

Powered by the brokerage platform of ProEquities, I am able to open and manage for my clients:

  • Investment Portfolios to establish financial foundation confidence.
  • Accounts to shore one up for retirement:  IRAs, Individual 401ks, etc.
  • Accounts that help prepare for major financial goals like college:  529 College Saving Plans
  • Accounts that help those in their higher tax bracket optimize their earnings in a tax sensitive way including Profit Sharing Plans, Cash Balance Plans, etc.
  • Accounts that help retain those key employees that are growing out your business so well:  401k - 403b - Health Savings Accounts - Deferred Comp, etc. - with educational workshops I do to help them make the most of their benefit

Pershing-BNY Mellon is custodian of my client accounts and the industry's largest financial custodian - $1.5 trillion in global assets - secure and its large scale allows it to keep costs.  ProEquities asset management expertise enables me to provide the personal responsiveness that institutional Finance Directors want with access to a deep and experienced platform of advice.  I am backed by a team of high-touch fixed income managers, experienced trading desk, institutional sales and investment banking division for those companies ready for capital solutions.


My client's best interest is paramount and is at the center of my recommendations for them.  I regularly do educational workshops for educational institutions, organizations and companies that I am Advisor to their Employer-sponsored retirement plan.  Be sure to look at my calendar for upcoming workshops that may be open to the public and power your learning journey.  If you have an organization you would like me to present at, please reach out to me.


Please Call Us Anytime at (215) 941-2610, or Click Here to Ask a Question